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Monthly Archives: July, 2012

My Birthday Wish

Yesterday, July 20th, was my 27th birthday. When the clock struck midnight, I was in the home of one of my closest friends, Sarah, in Toronto, Canada. We were sitting … Continue reading

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Laughter… The Best Medicine.

I can’t get enough of this Saturday Night Live clip! xo J

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When You’re Too Lazy to Get Out of Bed…

In spite of the fact that when I was in Africa, I did absolutely ZERO exercise, I did watch a clip on television that grabbed my attention. Of course, with all the activity (albeit non-physical) going … Continue reading

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What’s for Dinner?!

I took this recipe straight out of the LOONEY SPOONS COOKBOOK, and it’s been an absolute go-to for years, whether I’m cooking a meal for one or hosting a potluck dinner. … Continue reading

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Ever since I returned from Africa in the Spring, it has been an internal struggle to re-adjust back to life in Canada. From the outside, these two places couldn’t be … Continue reading

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I’ve been fighting an ‘inner struggle’ lately that constantly has me re-evaluating how ’empowered’ I really am. I’m forever telling my female friends how beautiful they are, how their curvy hips actually … Continue reading

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