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ImageI’ve been fighting an ‘inner struggle’ lately that constantly has me re-evaluating how ’empowered’ I really am. I’m forever telling my female friends how beautiful they are, how their curvy hips actually make them look sexier, or how that little scar on their face gives them a look of “distinction”…

I constantly remind myself that I, too, am beautiful. Even when the media tells me that I have to nip this or tuck that. I’m not perfect (at least not by ‘society’s standards’). I never will be. But then again… who is?! Besides, PERFECT IS BORING. If we were to all fit into one mold, I think ours would be a rather painful existence, don’t you?

Yet I can’t help but look in the mirror sometimes and see a reflection that stares back at me,taunting “your stomach looks fine, but what about your legs? They should be longer. And your arms? Shouldn’t those arms be a bit more toned?”

But then I remind myself of my point-of-reference: TVMoviesMagazines. Women who are paid big bucks to spend hours in the gym, women who have all of their flaws camouflaged with the click of a mouse, women who are, indeed, nipped, tucked, and sucked… but who refuse to talk about it because… it’s “taboo”.

Why aren’t my legs just fabulous, anyway? Are they supermodel long? Nope. Do my thighs touch? Hell yes! But did I mention that my legs can also run long distances (without stopping!) and that they’ve helped get me all over this world? I guess my legs are pretty damn awesome, after all.

And, while we’re on the subject, yours are TOO!




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