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When You’re Too Lazy to Get Out of Bed…

In spite of the fact that when I was in Africa, I did absolutely ZERO exercise, I did watch a clip on television that grabbed my attention. Of course, with all the activity (albeit non-physical) going on around me, I soon forgot what it was I watched and liked so much… and wished I hadn’t!

I have since gone into ‘research mode’, googling words like “bed” and “exercise”, and after the Great Search of 2012, came up with exactly what I was looking for!

So here it is, people, a new book about exercises you can do in bed! Perfect! Some people say, “sleep is for the weak”. Well, I say, beds are for MULTI-TASKING! And I like exercise. That, along with good nutrition, is beneficial for all of us.

Click on the image below to get your hands on a copy of this little treasure. I know I’ll be ordering my copy… from bed. 😉





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