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Last night, while I was doing my makeup before a dinner out, I swiped on a coat of red lipstick. When I was younger, much in the same way that I thought I could never get away with wearing a pair of Converse shoes (I wasn’t worthy of their ‘coolness’, I thought!), the ‘red lip’ intimidated me in a way that a bare lip never could. Red lips, after all, are a real statement. They scream “look at me!” without having to say anything at all…

But, lately, I’ve been feeling the red lip. It’s cool, sexy, and sophisticated, and when I’m wearing my favourite shade, I don’t ever want to take it off… not even when I go to sleep (boo hoo…).

So, in honour of the red lip, here’s a red-hot selection of Harper’s Bazaar’s picks…

And, drum roll pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaassseeee… here’s my go-to red!

Chanel Coco Red

Chanel Coco Red




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