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When the Going Gets Tough… the Tough Get Going.

Leigh and Robyn, Best Friends and Twin Sisters

Leigh and Robyn, Best Friends and Twin Sisters

Hi Y’all!

Every now again, I come across a personal story/call for support that pulls at my heartstrings. I recently read the touching – and heartbreaking – story of twin sisters (Leigh and Robyn), one of whom is fighting a rare and aggressive form of cancer, and will need to seek new treatment outside her home in Canada (and in the United States) that will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and is not covered by medical care.

The girls lost their mother unexpectedly in 2011, and are trying to ‘hold down the fort’ and find ways to save Robyn’s life without the support and care of their mom. Knowing what an important figure my mom is in lives of my sister and I, I cannot begin to imagine what an added strain this would be on these two young women…

Please have a look at their website and, if you can offer any monetary support (small or large), there is an opportunity to give online. Also, please share this post widely with others.

It truly is amazing what the gift of hope and survival can bring to a family in need.




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