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You Can Call Me ‘Queen Bee’



I profess. Though it doesn’t occur frequently, every now and again, I form a serious ‘girl crush’… a girl so absurdly cool, she warrants my undivided attention and praise. I can’t recall the last time it happened, but ever since musician Lorde came onto my radar, I’ve been mesmerized.

Lorde is 17. Just turned 17, that is.  An old soul. A self-described ‘feminist’ and ‘weird little screwball’. Perhaps part of my adoration comes from my ability to relate. In many regards, I was not your typical 17-year-old. I never felt that I could fully identify with other teenagers, and I was always okay with this. I knew there was a lot more to life than my teens. It was a passing phase, a blip in a much grander scheme, really… but also an important part of my growth and coming into my own. I was a feminist and a weird little screwball too. And I loved it. I’m 28 now, and, 11 years later, not much has changed.

“Let me be your ruler, you can call me queen bee, and baby I’ll rule, I’ll rule, I’ll rule, I’ll rule… let me live that fantasy.”

To top it off, Lorde’s music is insanely good. And thoughtful. And sexy… without being overly (or overtly) sexualized. She sticks to her guns and has the self-awareness (at 17!) to not follow the crowd just because it’s the ‘thing’ to do.

Kudos to you, Lorde. So awesome.

Sooooo… this song has been on repeat for the past few days, and I’ve listened to it more times than any normal person should. Oh well. I’m willing to wear out my speakers for the ‘Queen Bee’…


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